RMV Publications produces the on-board magazine for the western Canadian routes of the Rocky Mountaineer. Its purpose is to entertain and advise guests during their train journey. The magazine informs passengers about various attractions at rail stops along their trip, and it tells stories about the history, nature, and culture of each area it visits. Journeys also provides entertainment to passengers during their rail tour. It’s a memorable keepsake for guests to take home. 
We wanted to inform the passengers about the areas visited by the train and provide relevant information to help them engage with the communities and landscapes along the way. Advertisers have the attention of this captive audience with premium placement on board the train. We want each annual edition of the magazine to be lasting memorabilia for the guests to remember their exceptional journey onboard the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer. 

View the first issue here

The Rocky Mountaineer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Magazine Design
Project Team
Kyle Kerpan
Kate Barker
Damian Lamartine
Camille Santiago
Irina Edwards
Sheri Radford
Katrina Bellfeuille

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