The Town of Banff introduced electric vehicles into to their Responsible Energy Initiative as a way to meet their carbon reduction goals. The town wanted to communicate their commitment to becoming an environmentally sustainable tourist destination to both their residents and visitors.

The Town of Banff put forward the acronym REV, for Responsible Energy Vehicle, that symbolized their electric car initiative. Since Banff is an environmental role model for destinations around the world, they wanted REV to become an important initiative directing the community towards lessening reliance on fossil fuels. 

We developed graphics to associate the REV acronym with the primary focus of the electric car and secondary focus as a green initiative communication campaign. We developed distinct vehicle wraps for each of the three electric vehicles in the Town of Banff’s fleet. The wraps graphically represent the environmental purpose through pictorial designs and messaging.

We started the design process by examining the Town of Banff’s communication materials and the logos of their departments, including Town of Banff, The Fenlands Recreation Centre, Banff Community Housing, and FCCS Red door. We determined some brand elements primarily within the Town of Banff and The Fenlands logos that we used as a basis for developing REV as a subsidiary brand of the Town of Banff. 

The italicized letter F in both The Fenlands and Town of Banff logos stood out as a signature mark consistent amongst the branding. The placement of the F as either the first or last letter helped bring attention to the words as a harmonious graphic treatment. The second standout feature was the abstract treatment of the mountains seen in the four quadrants of the Town of Banff logo and the similar treatment in The Fenlands logo. Although both treatments are different, they both play with scale and draw upon graphics that represent the natural elements. These two logos set the stage for ongoing treatment of Town of Banff services, starting with our creation of the REV graphics.

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