Bolder Menswear, a high-end menswear store in the heart of Canmore, was looking for a logo. This logo needed to be adaptable for various uses but its primarily purpose was exterior signage at their main street location. With the uptake of online shopping during the pandemic, they also wanted an ecommerce website linked with their POS system. 

Bolder Menswear sells rich, colourful, flamboyant, custom tailored, and crafted clothing brands known for quality and precision. The store presents attitude of bold style, which is reflected in the company name, combined with a classic shopping experience and attentive atmosphere. We chose the stag to express this daring yet refined atmosphere, while still tying the store to the surrounding mountains and resident wildlife of its origins. The illustration took the form of a coat of arms, a style that’s both ancient and modern, which reflects the clothing’s combination of classic styling and bold patterns. Using the imagery in this way, we were able to capture the store’s duality of a classic men’s shopping experience with exciting and modern apparel.

Once the logo was crafted, the other elements of the website fell into place. The client chose blue and red as the basis for their colour palette. Used against a white backdrop, this classic colour choice allows the vibrant patterns of clothing to be the stars of the show. We sketched wireframes to the specifications of the POS system, then further developed them into working designs that are now fully functional on a WordPress based ecommerce platform.​​​​​​​
Bolder Menswear, Canmore, Alberta
Brand Identity & Web Design
Project Team
Kyle Kerpan
Damian Lamartine
Kate Barker
Chris Bovard

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