The Dining Guide is a print publication distributed in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. The publication features restaurant profiles categorized into dining options and a small map to help users find specific dining locations. The guide recently underwent a brand refresh for both print and digital applications.   

After careful analysis of the previous edition, it was deemed essential to explore and define a visual language to guide the project. Many key elements of the publication had to be resolved. Based on internal analysis and user feedback, we determined our previous edition had typography that was too small, which made reading laboured. The hierarchy of elements was confusing and the category system utilized was not effective. Our online accompaniment had the same problems as our print edition, with the addition of not being mobile friendly. It was imperative for us to refresh our product to address these issues and grow with changing consumer use of online media.

RMV Publications, Canmore, Alberta
Publishing & Editorial Design
Project Team
Kyle Kerpan 
Tess Tanner
Damian Lamartine
Kate Barker

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