During a lengthy road construction project, a group of national parks and tourism bureaus teamed up to create a tourism-based website that highlighted the best things to do and see during the lengthy detours. This joint effort among Tourism Golden, Tourism Radium, and Yoho & Kootenay National Parks was designed to create awareness around what to see and do along the highway 95 corridor from Golden to Radium, highway 93S from Radium Hot Springs to Castle Junction, and highway 1 from Castle Junction to Golden. 

It seemed that tourists believed access to these areas throughout the summer of 2020 would be limited, if not entirely closed, due to the Kicking Horse Pass reconstruction project. The group wanted to ensure visitors that their towns and parks were open for business, and they wanted to reach that audience though a website and supporting brochure. The purpose behind these products was to educate travellers about when the road interruptions would happen, what that would look like for travelling in eastern BC, and how to access their favourite areas and activities during this time.

The website and brochure were styled using pre-existing Destination BC branding. Both products were bilingual to meet additional Parks Canada specifications. We also created an interactive map, using Google Maps as a base, to filter the various activities and attractions that remained available in this triangle of highways.


Tourism Golden, Golden, British Columbia
Web Design
Project Team
Warren Mackie

Kyle Kerpan
Damian Lamartine
Adam Watts

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